In these uncertain times managing your finances has never been more important. At Lincolnshire credit union we aim to provide you with ways to take control of your money.

If you are using credit as a quick fix to get over your current financial issues you could just be building up to a much larger problem later on

Budgeting helps you to take stock of your current standard of living and determine whether you are living within your means.

Budgeting Support

We can help you to prepare a personal budget and give you practical tips and information that could help to reduce your regular outgoings.

Start Account

Do you have trouble remembering to pay your bills every month? A credit union start account could make sure that your rent or other important payments are made on time.

Budgeting Support

Are you struggling to make ends meet with the money you have coming in?

Budgeting can help you to focus on your financial commitments giving you a chance to re-evaluate the way you spend, taking control of your money.

Why Budget?

• You get an accurate picture of your current financial position.
• It can help in preventing the running up of debt.
• Helps in making your money go further.
• Could help in controlling the urge for large impulse spending.
• Increases your opportunities to save.
• Helps in setting financial goals.
• Helps to reduce stress levels.

You can arrange to talk to one of our money coaches. They will help you to develop a budget based on your current financial situation.

Money coaches can help you to:

• Look at where you could make household economies.
• Saving and planning for your future.
• Keeping a spending diary.
• Accessing affordable borrowing where appropriate.
• Advise you how to access further help if you require more than budgeting support.

Call us on 01522 873550 to arrange a meeting with one of our money coaches.

Start Account

If you have trouble budgeting for your important bills every month a Start Account with Lincolnshire Credit Union could help.


• Makes sure that your rent, council tax, utility and other priority bills are paid on time.
• Money cannot be withdrawn until bills have been paid.
• Allows you to manage your money better.
• No costly charges for bounced direct debit and bank charges.
• Helps you to become a better saver.

When you set up a start account you can arrange for regular payments to be paid in. This could be by having some or all of your benefits or wages paid directly in to the account.

You can then decide which regular bills and payments you would like to be made on your behalf.

As long as your income comes into your account as agreed then we will ensure that all your requested payments will be made on time. Once all your payments have been allocated we will arrange for the remaining balance to be transferred to a credit union prepaid card, your bank account or added to your credit union savings account. 

If you find it hard to budget you’re spending over a month we can arrange for your remaining balance to be split into weekly or fortnightly payments .

The Start Account has a monthly fee of £4 per month.

To be eligible for a Start Account you will need to be a member of Lincolnshire Credit Union.

To set up a Start Account call us on 01522 873550 and arrange a meeting with one of our advisor's.

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