New Car, Holiday, Home Improvement, an affordable loan from Lincolnshire Credit Union could help you to make it happen

First Loan

For new and existing members who are applying for their first loan with us.

Personal Loan

Available to existing members who have had a loan with us previously.

Loyalty Loan

Gives access to our lowest interest rates for new and existing members who can secure the full amount of their loan with savings.

Loyalty Loan

A loan secured against your savings is a good idea if you’re looking to build your credit rating or you need to make a purchase but don’t want to dip into your savings.


• Our lowest interest rate
• A great way to establish or re-establish credit
• Savings continue to receive a dividend
• Keep adding to your savings while repaying the loan 


• For members who can pledge all, or part of their savings for the duration of the loan
• Balance of the loan needs to be fully covered by savings at all times
• You must not have had a Debt Relief Order a Debt Management Plan or Bankruptcy  Order within the last two years and are not currently in an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) 

Meeting the criteria does not guarantee acceptance

Payment Calculator

Amount borrowed:

Loan term:

A 'Representative APR/Example' is the interest rate applied to over half of loans issued for a particular size of loan.


Representative APR:


Monthly repayment:


Total amount payable:


Members may apply to top-up and/or reschedule an existing Secured Loan, and may apply to convert to an Unsecured Loan, subject to normal conditions.

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